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Bringing Busy Women Downtown

January 3, 2013
Creating events that will appeal to women, and hosting them at times when women are most likely to attend, is a great way to highlight downtown’s assets to a demographic that might otherwise never explore the city center. In San Jose, CA, a new “HER city” after-work social series launched in August is successfully attracting…Continue reading


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Downtown Idea Exchange – Web Extras

January 1, 2013
Grant program encourages targeted retail development — One successful way to encourage specific businesses to open exactly where they are needed downtown is to tie financial assistance to those locations. The following materials support the Louisville, KY, program detailed in this article. Louisville South Fourth Street Retail Merchandising Plan Louisville Retail Grant Program application ...

Streets that work better for people, bikes, transit — The National Association of City Transportation Officials has released the Urban Street Design Guide. From bus rapid transit to bikeways and public seating, the guide showcases a new model for streets that work better for people, bikes, transit, and cities.Read it here. ...

Pop-ups becoming part of the annual holiday scene — When holiday pop-up programs first gained popularity, it was to add some vitality to vacant storefronts during the dark days of the Great Recession. However, the programs have proved valuable, not only in dressing up empty storefronts, but in boosting sales, drawing foot traffic downtown, generating media attention for the city center, and incubating new permanent businesses. For background on pop-up programs read “Pop-up shops make downtown more festive,” from the December 2011 issue of Downtown Promotion Reporter. ...

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Art As an Economic Development Tool

December 4, 2012
The Office of Arts, Culture and Tourism in New Haven, CT, is using art to fill downtown vacancies and revitalize neighborhoods while also transforming would-be entrepreneurs from hobbyists to small business owners. The department looked at models of how art addresses the issues of vacancy and revitalization in other cities, and found pop-ups interesting, but…Continue reading


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Meeting the Need for Public Restrooms Downtown

November 15, 2012
A lack, or even perceived lack, of public restrooms downtown can lead to visitor dissatisfaction, as well as the more unsightly problem of public urination. Communities are finding that the expense of adding public restrooms is worthwhile because it keeps downtown cleaner, and provides visitors with a more comfortable experience, which in turn encourages them…Continue reading


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