Asphalt Art Protects and Beautifies

April 8, 2021
In Kansas City, MO, an asphalt art project transformed a tricky intersection making it less hazardous for pedestrians. Two cross streets approached from odd directions, creating two hairpin turns for motorists to navigate. Meanwhile, two wide lanes, encouraged motorists to speed — and left pedestrians anxious. City engineers worked with Street Smarts Design + Build…Continue reading


In Midst of Retail Retrenchment, Cannabis Stores Fill Space

March 26, 2021
As downtowns everywhere struggle through the coronavirus pandemic, demand for downtown space has emerged in the form of state-regulated cannabis dispensaries. Office workers are staying home, retail shopping is shifting online, and restaurants and bars have been compelled to reduce their capacities — but legalized marijuana has provided a new source of downtown tenants. In…Continue reading


Cities Move to Attract Remote Workers

March 11, 2021
The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a new wave of migration, one that sees Americans moving out of high-cost states and into lower-cost states. The Pew Research Center estimates 71 percent of Americans are working from home, up from 20 percent before the coronavirus outbreak. More than half of those people want to continue working remotely,…Continue reading


Steady Stream of Small Improvements Drives Downtown Turnaround

February 25, 2021
When Evan Kaufman became executive director of the Hopewell Downtown Partnership a decade ago, the small city’s core was struggling. The neglected downtown of Hopewell, VA, was filled with rundown buildings. Food options were sparse, and locals didn’t think downtown was safe. "In Hopewell, it was beyond downhill," Kaufman recalls. "It had already passed the…Continue reading