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Homegrown Event Creates Buzz, Builds Business

June 17, 2013 Having a multitude of great dining venues downtown only benefits the city center if people know about them, and visit them. To spotlight the vibrant downtown dining scene in Elgin, IL, the Downtown Neighborhood Association launched an annual Downtown Madness campaign. Much like the National Collegiate Athletic Association's March Madness basketball tournament,…To read more — login/sign up


Pet-friendly downtowns activate streets, support businesses

April 15, 2013 As more people embrace the urban lifestyle, pets are moving to city centers with their owners. That trend has increased the demand for downtown dog parks, which in turn, attract more pet-loving residents and visitors, creating a cycle of revitalization that benefits people, pooches, and businesses. Increasingly, communities are realizing that being…To read more — login/sign up


Stimulating Downtown Housing

April 1, 2013 Knowing the market potential, offering incentives, creating appropriate zoning, and facilitating connections between the city, developers, and potential residents all play a role in creating more housing in downtown Ithaca, NY. “There are three major things we’ve done to stimulate development of residential,” says Gary Ferguson, executive director of the Downtown Ithaca…To read more — login/sign up