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Guerilla placemaking highlights downtown character

May 15, 2013
Guerilla placemaking initiatives are often low-cost, yet create a high-impact and unexpected vibrancy downtown with minimal municipal input. One example featured in the May issue of Downtown Promotion Reporter newsletter is the Eye Love You project, which, “connects people with people, and people with places.” The movement began in New Zealand, but has gone global.…Continue reading


Pet-friendly downtowns activate streets, support businesses

April 15, 2013
As more people embrace the urban lifestyle, pets are moving to city centers with their owners. That trend has increased the demand for downtown dog parks, which in turn, attract more pet-loving residents and visitors, creating a cycle of revitalization that benefits people, pooches, and businesses. Increasingly, communities are realizing that being people- friendly means…Continue reading


Stimulating Downtown Housing

April 1, 2013
Knowing the market potential, offering incentives, creating appropriate zoning, and facilitating connections between the city, developers, and potential residents all play a role in creating more housing in downtown Ithaca, NY. “There are three major things we’ve done to stimulate development of residential,” says Gary Ferguson, executive director of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance. “We’ve worked…Continue reading


Co-work Spaces Support Start-Ups

March 4, 2013
By securing the right space and offering a creative mix of programs, events, and office amenities, the Alliance for Downtown New York shows the way to draw entrepreneurs downtown. Co-working spaces, which provide access to office equipment, support, and networking opportunities, were a relatively new concept in the city when the Hive at 55 opened.…Continue reading


Highlighting Downtown’s Heritage Draws Visitors

February 15, 2013
In an effort to highlight downtown heritage, add visual interest, educate people about the community’s history, and draw visitors downtown, Chillicothe, MO, embarked on a mural program “Work on the murals started in the mid-1990s,” says Crystal Narr, director of Main Street Chillicothe. There are currently 17 murals and two “ghost signs,” which are business…Continue reading


Creating Practical Low-Maintenance Public Art

February 1, 2013
When the Pasadena Playhouse District Association decided to embrace public art, the resulting utility box covers and crosswalk paintings were created with an eye toward aesthetics and practicality. It’s an approach that can work in any community. The utility box covers are done with vinyl wraps so that, “if graffiti or something else happens and…Continue reading


Bringing Busy Women Downtown

January 3, 2013
Creating events that will appeal to women, and hosting them at times when women are most likely to attend, is a great way to highlight downtown’s assets to a demographic that might otherwise never explore the city center. In San Jose, CA, a new “HER city” after-work social series launched in August is successfully attracting…Continue reading


Art As an Economic Development Tool

December 4, 2012
The Office of Arts, Culture and Tourism in New Haven, CT, is using art to fill downtown vacancies and revitalize neighborhoods while also transforming would-be entrepreneurs from hobbyists to small business owners. The department looked at models of how art addresses the issues of vacancy and revitalization in other cities, and found pop-ups interesting, but…Continue reading