To Attract Tourists, Court Travel Writers

One of the quickest ways to get the word out about community assets is to attract travel writers.

The August issue of Downtown Promotion Reporter looked at two small communities’ successful media programs and provided tips on how to garner press coverage.

For example, every state has one or more writers associations that can be found via an Internet search. In addition, there are associations focused on particular areas of interest, including travel writers associations and outdoor writers associations, with members specializing in highlighting what an area has to offer visitors. State and regional tourism organizations often maintain lists of writers or writers associations that may be helpful.

Travel writers can also be found in the pages of the publications and websites in which your community would like to be promoted. Many writers include contact information with their articles and blogs, and can be contacted directly.

Professional networking sites like LinkedIn are also a good source for locating writers. And there are websites, such as and that will post invitations for FAM (familiarization) tours to their membership.

It is also helpful to create a web page devoted to information for writers, including data and graphics relevant to your community that will assist them in researching the area; any incentives offered to visiting writers; and resources for setting up site visits and interviews.

The full article appeared in our print edition. To always get the full story, read Downtown Idea Exchange.

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