To Attract New Businesses, Downtown Reaches Out to Employees

A new business recruitment campaign in Providence, RI, is reaching out not only to business owners and top executives, but to their employees.

The Bring Your Company to Life campaign encourages employees to “start a movement” or “bribe your boss” in order to move a job they love to a place they can love equally.

The campaign is part of the Providence Downtown Improvement District and Providence Foundation’s ongoing initiative to attract new businesses. The work also involved freezing commercial tax rates and streamlining the permitting process for small tenant improvements.

The campaign’s Bring Your Company to Life website appeals directly to employees when it says:

“You want food trucks, coffee shops, outdoor movies, and bocce games? Looking to choose from hundreds of continuing education courses? Want to rub elbows with smart, creative people? Of course you do! Funky, fun, and affordable, downtown Providence is an amazing place to live and work. How can you get your company to move downtown? Start here.”

The full article appeared in our print edition. To always get the full story, read Downtown Idea Exchange.

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