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Defining Your Community’s Brand

September 13, 2013
While there are many rewards to be gained from downtown branding, misunderstandings about what branding is, and is not, can make these efforts less effective. Branding is not simply a matter of a new tag line, logo, or ad campaign; it is about accurately identifying and communicating a promise about the most valuable aspects of…Continue reading


Maximizing Downtown Event Space

August 30, 2013
In an effort to encourage owners of parking garages to activate their spaces during down times, the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative created a pop-up rooftop performance venue at a downtown parking garage. “We were hoping owners would see that garages could be put to really good use during the evening hours when it’s not as…Continue reading


Bring More Retail Downtown with a Collective

August 1, 2013
Bringing more retail downtown may require an unconventional path. In St. Louis, MO, that path saw the downtown organization develop a retail collective. When a developer purchased a significant amount of property downtown, the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis stepped up to advocate for a larger retail presence. “We were concerned we would miss an…Continue reading


Homegrown Event Creates Buzz, Builds Business

June 17, 2013
Having a multitude of great dining venues downtown only benefits the city center if people know about them, and visit them. To spotlight the vibrant downtown dining scene in Elgin, IL, the Downtown Neighborhood Association launched an annual Downtown Madness campaign. Much like the National Collegiate Athletic Association's March Madness basketball tournament, Downtown Madness is…Continue reading


Communities grow DIY grocery stores

June 4, 2013
When downtown residents are asked what they most want to see added to the business mix, a grocery store often tops the list. Post-recession economics may reduce the likelihood of chain grocers opening in downtown locations, but have instead spurred a new crop of grocery store co-ops. The June issue of Downtown Idea Exchange looks…Continue reading


Guerilla placemaking highlights downtown character

May 15, 2013
Guerilla placemaking initiatives are often low-cost, yet create a high-impact and unexpected vibrancy downtown with minimal municipal input. One example featured in the May issue of Downtown Promotion Reporter newsletter is the Eye Love You project, which, “connects people with people, and people with places.” The movement began in New Zealand, but has gone global.…Continue reading