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Downtown Celebrates Poetry Month

May 25, 2023
Every downtown worth its salt has commissioned a public mural. Those with ambitious arts programming might have asphalt art, sculpture walks, or even hire buskers to perform downtown. But poetry rarely takes center stage. However, Storrs, CT, builds a month of activities around the often over-looked discipline. The Mansfield Downtown Partnership recently wrapped up its…Continue reading


Downtown Grows Its Own Businesses

May 18, 2023
When the tobacco industry left Danville, VA, decades ago, it left the downtown with massive inventory of vacant space. There was no easy solution, Danville lacked the population and wealth to attract national retailers. The city also lacked a core of local merchants. "There was a lot of infrastructure, but really not a robust business…Continue reading


City Uses Food Trucks To Combat Crime

May 4, 2023
Albuquerque, NM, is trying a novel approach to quelling crime in a problematic area downtown: It’s bringing in food trucks. Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller has labeled two parking lots on Central Avenue as "drivers of crime." To address the issues there, the city plans a "food truck corral" that will operate on Friday and Saturday…Continue reading


Downtown Aims To Improve Pedestrian Safety With Asphalt Art

April 6, 2023
Louisville, KY, will use public art to improve pedestrian safety at four downtown intersections. Louisville’s new Community Crosswalks program was inspired by the Asphalt Art Safety Study. The study by Bloomberg Philanthropies found that after asphalt art was installed, intersections experienced a 50 percent drop in crashes involving pedestrians or cyclists and a 37 percent reduction in crashes leading…Continue reading


Getting More From Your Gift Card Program

March 23, 2023
Many downtowns have experimented with gift card programs. But the initiative in Middletown, CT, is going strong after 18 years. The Middletown Downtown Business District launched its gift card program in 2005. After some fits and starts, downtown leaders overhauled it in 2010 with a new technology provider, says Sandra Russo-Driska, the organization’s coordinator. The…Continue reading


Keeping Streets Safe With Overnight Parking

March 16, 2023
Late-night revelers in Naperville, IL, may leave their cars overnight without fear of a parking ticket. An ordinance allows overnight parking and gives the city an inexpensive way to make late-night visitors feel more welcome. Discussions began at a transportation workshop in December of 2009 when a council member suggested free overnight parking. "We acknowledged…Continue reading