Public Space Fitness Programs Draw Crowds

Dance, yoga, CrossFit, and more are enlivening public spaces in downtowns across North America.

In one example, the Waterfront Partnership in Baltimore, MD, offers a Waterfront Wellness Series on weekend mornings from late May through late September, which includes free yoga, boot camp, CrossFit, and Zumba.

“I think a lot of us have gym memberships, but it’s a unique experience to be able to work out with others, especially with the waterfront as a backdrop,” says Beth Laverick, events manager for the Waterfront Partnership.

The classes are drawing people who live within driving distance of the city, as well as visitors to the area. “They come for the classes and then spend the day at the harbor. We took something that’s not the biggest thing in the world and turned it into an experience,” says Laverick.

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