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Billions are heading to states and cities; make sure downtown gets its share

July 1, 2021
The federal government is directing hundreds of billions of dollars to states and cities, a windfall that has downtown leaders nationwide positioning themselves to get a piece of the pie. In March, President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) into law. The initiative calls for $1.9 trillion in economic stimulus, including an infusion…To read more — login/subscribe


Flying Ubers target downtowns

July 1, 2021
Might air taxis someday soar over the congestion in your downtown? Skeptics will scoff at the Jetsons-like improbability of the concept, but several well-funded transit innovators say that the next step in ridesharing is just around the corner. In one noteworthy development, Joby Aviation, a California company building a fleet of mini-helicopters, recently partnered with…To read more — login/subscribe


Idea Exchange: Quick Tips and News from Around the Country

July 1, 2021
Welcome back to work Working downtown has many benefits and in Milwaukee, WI, this includes the annual Downtown Employee Appreciation Week. The event includes something for everyone from morning meditation and lunchtime giveaways to music and office challenge games. In 2020 most of the events were virtual, but downtown workers and the event will be…To read more — login/subscribe


Downtown Idea Exchange, July 2021

July 1, 2021
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Six lessons from a DID’s demise

June 1, 2021
For a quarter-century, the Downtown Improvement District (DID) in Reading, PA (est. pop. 88,373), managed the city’s declining urban core. The DID’s ambassadors picked up trash, and the organization hosted summer concerts, a holiday parade, and other events. However, Reading never experienced a true downtown renaissance, and questions about the DID’s effectiveness festered. Those doubts…To read more — login/subscribe