Parking Management for Smart Growth


8-1/2″ x 10″, softcover, 256 pages,
Island Press.

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Parking Management for Smart Growth details how to create a strategic parking management program that is comprehensive, coordinated, and supportive of local goals. It explores new opportunities for making the most from every parking space in a sharing economy and taking advantage of new digital parking tools to increase user interaction and satisfaction. Examples are provided of successful approaches for parking management from Pasadena, CA, to London, England.

At its essence, the book provides a path forward for strategic parking management in the era of tighter parking supplies. Important sections include:

  • An introduction to the basic elements of parking management. Learn how managing parking in a strategic, collaborative manner can reduce the amount of required parking while improving customer and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • A step-by-step strategic planning process for parking management.
  • Practical approaches to issues of politics and community participation, and to technical challenges such as setting prices, implementing shared parking agreements, meter equipment, and enforcing parking.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Reframing Parking Requirements as a Policy Choice
    • Introduction: What is a Parking Space Worth?
    • Parking as a Contested Space
    • Problems of Unmanaged Parking
    • Understanding Parking Behavior
    • Strategic Parking Management
    • Key Terms
    • Map of the Book
  2. Parking Management Techniques
    • Origins of Parking Management
    • Understanding and Organizing Parking Management Methods
    • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Parking Management
    • Parking Management Gone Wrong
    • Conclusion
  3. Creating a Parking Management Strategy
    • Planning and Strategy in Parking Management
    • Parking Management Stakeholders
    • Process for Developing a Parking Management Strategy
    • Process Pays
  4. Managing an Integrated Parking Supply
    • Management Principles
    • Organizational Structure: Administration and Management
    • Defining the Role of On-Street Parking
    • Relationship of On- and Off-Street Parking Assets
    • Rate Setting Policy and Protocols
    • Measuring Performance
    • Identifying and Communicating the Integrated Parking System
    • New Technologies
    • Financial Analysis and Management
    • Conclusion
  5. Best Practice Strategies
    • Best Practice — Individual Measures
    • Best Practice — Integrated Strategies
    • Global Perspective
    • Case Study Conclusions
  6. Implementing Strategic Parking Management
    • Politics and Community Participation
    • Technical Challenges
    • Greening Parking Operations
    • Parking Enforcement
    • Conclusions on Implementation
  7. Parking Management for Smart Growth
    • A Paradigm Shift
    • Why Not Rely on Pricing Alone?
    • A Broader Vision for Strategic Parking Management

About the Author

Richard W. Willson, Ph.D., FAICP, is Professor and Chair in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.


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“Richard Willson has written a great book about how better parking management can improve transportation, the economy, and the environment.”
— Donald Shoup,
Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA

“[I]ncludes a wealth of case studies covering everything from effective use of technology, to addressing community concerns, to troubleshooting the problems that arise as theory moves into practice.”
— Jeffrey Tumlin,

“This book should be on the shelves of any planning department and local traffic department that has a parking problem, and probably those that do not.”
— Urban Land