Downtown Bans Repeat Offenders — But Is The Move Legal?

n an effort to remove chronic troublemakers from its resurgent downtown entertainment district, the city of Las Vegas, NV, approved an “order-out corridor” in November.

The City Council unanimously passed the measure, which allows Municipal Court judges to bar people convicted of crimes committed within the corridor for up to a year.

Judges could allow exemptions for offenders who live downtown or go into the area for essential needs, such as doctor visits, social services appointments, or public transportation. Offenders would be required to carry documents to prove they have received waivers.

Metropolitan Police Department officers and city marshals, who patrol downtown, say the ordinance is a proven way to keep repeat offenders from committing additional crimes within the downtown.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada warned that it would sue to challenge the legality of the order.

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