Walkable City Rules: 101 Steps to Making Better Places


8″ x 8″, softcover, 291 pages, full color illustrations, Island Press.

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In Walkable City Rules, author Jeff Speck provides a blueprint for making city centers more lively, active and inviting. In this follow-up to his book, Walkable City, Speck aims to provide clear, concise, step-by-step guidance to usher in an era of renewed street life. The 101 rules are practical yet engaging — worded for active discussion, illustrated for clarity, and packed with specifications as well as data.

For ease of use, the rules are grouped into 19 chapters that cover everything from selling the value of walkability, to getting the parking right, to making comfortable spaces and interesting places.

Each chapter is introduced briefly, then each of the rules is presented in a two-page layout with a detailed explanation and illustrations.

Walkable City Rules gives every city the tools to create more walkable streets.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Making Change Now
  2. Sell Walkability
  3. Mix the Uses
  4. Make Housing Attainable and Integrated
  5. Get the Parking Right
  6. Let Transit Work
  7. Escape Automobilism
  8. Start with Safety
  9. Optimize Your Driving Network
  10. Right-Size the Number of Lanes
  11. Right-Size the Lanes
  12. Sell Cycling
  13. Build Your Bike Network
  14. Park on Street
  15. Focus on Geometry
  16. Focus on Intersections
  17. Make Sidewalks Right
  18. Make Comfortable Spaces
  19. Make Interesting Places
  20. Do It Now

About the Author

Jeff Speck is a city planner and urban designer who, through writing, lectures, and built work, advocates internationally for more walkable cities. As Director of Design at the National Endowment for the Arts, he oversaw the Mayors’ Institute on City Design and created the Governors’ Institute on Community Design.

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“Jeff Speck, more than any city planner I know, writes about walking in such a common-sense and useful way that he makes you crave a good walk. He not only defines what it is, he eloquently shows us how to achieve it. Another great read, one that gives any city the necessary tools to create a good walk.”
— Maurice Cox, Director,
Planning & Development Department, City of Detroit

“Jeff Speck was the first to introduce me to the concept of a walkable city. With his help, Oklahoma City completely changed its outlook on the built environment and has now transformed itself into a completely different place. How we did it—and how you can do it, too—can be found in this important and compelling book.”
— Mick Cornett,
Former Mayor of Oklahoma City

“If you want to make your city safer, healthier, greener, wealthier, and more equitable, then you need to make it more walkable. Walkable City Rules is a must-read for urbanists, city-builders, and everyone who lives in cities.
— Richard Florida
Author, Rise of the Creative Class

“In Walkable City, Jeff Speck outlined the many compelling social, economic, and environmental benefits that come from designing our communities for people rather than cars. With Walkable City Rules, he translates those principles into a concrete plan of action. From zoning changes to public transit investments and road repurposing to saving existing small-scale fabric, this timely and necessary book offers clear, concise, and step-by-step instructions for urban planners and leaders to transform neighborhoods for the better and reimagine their cities at a human scale.
— Stephanie Meeks,
President and CEO, National Trust for Historic Preservation