Creating a Vibrant City Center


8-1/2″ x 11″, softcover, 206 pages,
Urban Land Institute.

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In Creating a Vibrant City Center, author Cy Paumier provides an action plan for developing a lively and economically vibrant city center.

He proposes a comprehensive approach and guides readers in:

  • Attracting a diverse yet complimentary mix of uses.
  • Using the principals of placemaking to develop an attractive, comfortable, and secure physical environment.
  • Building strong partnerships between local government and the business community to create innovative programs to manage city center development and revitalization.

In addition to the principles and guidelines, Paumier includes case studies of 17 projects based on these principles. Twelve of the projects are in large cities and five are in communities with a population of 75,000 to 150,000. But, the concepts, principles, and lessons from the projects apply to cities of all sizes.

Filled with full-color photos and many, many examples of successful development programs, this book will both educate and inspire.

Table of Contents

  1. Historical Perspective
  2. Regeneration Principals
    • Promote diversity of use
    • Encourage compactness
    • Foster intensity of development
    • Ensure a balance of activities
    • Provide for accessibility
    • Create functional linkages
    • Build a positive identity
  3. Market Components
    • Offices
    • Retail
    • Housing
    • Cultural and entertainment facilities
    • Hotels and conference/convention centers
  4. Importance of Place
  5. Place Principles
  6. Public Spaces
    • Creating a successful public space
    • Public space management and maintenance
  7. Pedestrian Realm
    • System components
    • Design considerations
    • Dedicated pedestrian streets
    • Skywalk systems
  8. Vehicular Circulation
  9. Public Transit
  10. Parking Facilities
  11. Development Guidelines
    • Renovation and reuse
    • New infill development
  12. Planning Guidelines
    • Ensuring broad-based participation and consensus building
    • Devise public-sector implementation techniques
  13. Visioning Process
  14. Development Plan
  15. Plan Implementation: 12 case studies
    • Inner Harbor Development, Baltimore, MD
    • Otterbein Neighborhood Regeneration, Baltimore, MD
    • Boulevard Development, Baltimore, MD
    • Donegall Square Enhancement, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    • Illinois Center Development, Chicago, IL
    • City Center, Cincinnati, OH
    • City Center, Karlsruhe, Germany
    • City Center, Liverpool, England
    • Bridgewater Canal, Manchester, England
    • City Center, Portland, OR
    • Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.
    • Christina Riverfront Development, Wilmington, DE
    • City Center, Cedar Rapids, IA
    • Harborpark Development, Kenosha, WI
    • Historic District, Lakeland, FL
    • City Center, Sarasota, FL
    • City Center, Savannah, GA

About the Author

Cy Paumier is an urban design consultant for the Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District and a senior urban design advisor with HNTB Corporation. He has provided successful development strategies for more than 50 cities in the United States and the United Kingdom.


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