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Downtown Parking Lot Goes Green

August 25, 2022
To help reduce stormwater run-off on downtown streets, a popular Myrtle Beach, MD, parking lot is going green. Green parking lots incorporate permeable or semi-permeable paving, porous design techniques, and landscaping to reduce stormwater runoff. The city’s Infrastructure Project Manager Chris Miller says that the city will see multiple benefits. The new pavers will reduce…Continue reading


Downtown Limits Short-Term Rentals

August 9, 2022
The proliferation of properties being marketed on Airbnb, VRBO, and other platforms has created concern in many municipalities. Critics say the short-term rentals disrupt neighborhood cohesiveness with constant turnover and occasional loud parties. Others point to rentals as contributing to rising real estate prices and a shortage of affordable housing. Traverse City, MI, recently banned…Continue reading


Farmers’ market spreads out downtown

July 25, 2022
Spring saw the launch of the Newton Summer Farmers’ Market in northern New Jersey. The market aims to bring consumers and farmers together and includes only foods grown, produced, or raised within 25 miles of the market. The market also supports local shopping. Unlike many markets which operate in a downtown park, plaza, or lot,…Continue reading


Downtown Replaces Decades-Old Signs

May 26, 2022
In downtown Napa, CA, wayfinding signs are fading and more than two decades old. “They have patched-over fonts, different colors, and incorrect information,” says Economic Development Manager Neal Harrison. “A good example of that is the visitor center moved from Main Street to First Street and the signage hasn’t moved with it.” Napa’s experience with…Continue reading


Getting Workers Back Downtown

April 28, 2022
As the severity of COVID-19 fades, American life has begun to return to normal. Americans are going to restaurants, movies, concerts, and sporting events. They’re shopping and vacationing. But they aren’t going back to offices. To better understand downtown workers’ attitudes toward work and the city center, the Greater Des Moines Partnership commissioned a survey…Continue reading