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Food Tourism on the Rise

April 25, 2024
Traveling to a destination specifically for its food and beverages is on the rise. In 2019, the global culinary tourism market was valued at $1.1 billion and it's projected to grow to more than $1.79 billion by 2027, according to Culinary Tourism Market 2020. The most popular form of culinary tourism is food festivals, followed…Continue reading


Wayfinding System Connects Community

April 18, 2024
Somerset, KY, unveiled a new wayfinding system that features directional and informational signs throughout downtown streets. The signs carry the city’s brand and logo, and their role is both practical and less obvious revealing connections, highlighting diversity, and demonstrating community pride. The network was launched in Somerset’s downtown core with plans to expand to other…Continue reading


Creative Approach Funds Downtown Operations

April 11, 2024
The Hollywood Partnership is a business improvement district that provides a variety of services to businesses along the famous Hollywood Boulevard. But not every member wants the same services. In 2022 the BID created the Hollywood Partnership Community Trust, a nonprofit that hosts events and provides enhanced services to those willing to pay for them.…Continue reading


Small, Creative Events Attract Visitors

April 5, 2024
To overcome negative perceptions about safety, and bring more people to the city center, Downtown Santa Monica embarked on a series of creative, small-scale events. The goal is to attract visitors and create welcoming images which can be shared via the local press and social media. Ariana Gomez, director of marketing and partnerships at Downtown…Continue reading


Bringing Life to Small Downtown Spaces

March 28, 2024
New York’s Central Park and Chicago’s Grant Park are just two examples of large-scale green spaces that meet the needs of a wide-range of community members. But what to do if you have limited public space downtown, or limited funds? Small-scale pocket parks are one answer. These small parks provide a welcome respite and often…Continue reading


A New Holiday Tradition

March 21, 2024
To herald Christmas 2023, a museum in downtown Davenport, IA, transformed its facade into a giant Advent calendar. The museum reveals a new window each day in the lead-up to Christmas. The artwork in the windows was designed by students at the Davenport Creative Arts Academy. Similar giant Advent calendars have popped up in windows…Continue reading


Bid Proposal Meets Determined Resistance

March 7, 2024
The proposal to form a BID in Rochester, NY, has powerful backers. Supporters include the mayor, county executive, property owners, business leaders, and the Partnership for Downtown Rochester. In a November news conference, Rochester leaders called forming a BID a, "no-brainer." While that sounds straightforward enough, a group has formed to oppose the proposal. Its…Continue reading


Umbrella Sharing Encourages Visitors to Linger Longer Downtown

February 29, 2024
Both Vancouver, BC, and Vancouver, WA, are known for their wet weather. And both downtowns have unveiled umbrella share programs for visitors and residents who find themselves caught in the rain. In Vancouver, WA, Vancouver’s Downtown Association has operated the Umbrella Share Program for two years, says Michael Walker, the group’s executive director. The Umbrella…Continue reading


Downtown Addresses Negative Perceptions

February 22, 2024
Downtown Indy Inc. is working to turn the tide on negative perceptions about safety in the heart of Indianapolis, IN. In October, the organization launched a three-month paid marketing campaign featuring the offerings of downtown destinations, events, and merchants, including live music at the Indianapolis Zoo, walks along the canal, and craft beer at a…Continue reading