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City Considers Converting One-Way Streets to Two-Way Traffic — Gets Pushback

August 8, 2019 — Atlanta’s post-war boom has positioned it as the archetypal sprawling Sunbelt city. Now, some in the city aim to make downtown friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists by converting some one-way streets to two-way thoroughfares. The downtown business group Central Atlanta Progress has proposed turning six blocks of Baker Street into a…To read more — login/sign up


Rather Than Regulating Chains, City Imposes Limits on Width of Storefronts

July 12, 2019 — In a bid to keep small retailers from being priced out of its resurgent downtown, St. Petersburg, FL, is experimenting with new rules regarding its merchant mix. The city’s "storefront conservation corridor" offers an unusual approach to regulating retailers in two busy business districts. Rather than limiting chains or banning them…To read more — login/sign up


Community Casts Votes for New Placemaking Project

June 27, 2019 — A downtown-wide vote engaged the public and provided needed supplies for local charities in Winchester, KY. With eight potential place-making projects and just $5,000 to spend, Main Street Winchester created the Winchester Downtown Bracket to select the winning project. The projects were in four categories: downtown amenities, public art, pedestrian improvements,…To read more — login/sign up


Pedestrian Times, Mid-Block Crosswalks, and More Boost City’s Walkability

May 30, 2019 — In recent years, Corning, NY, has taken pains to become more pedestrian-friendly. The small city has invested more than $1 million in safety upgrades to two areas with bustling pedestrian traffic. In one low-cost improvement, Corning made the mid-block crosswalks in its downtown safer by removing parking spots near the pedestrian…To read more — login/sign up


Faced with Clogged Streets, Downtowns Consider Shorter Delivery Hours, Steeper Fines

May 16, 2019 — Like many business districts, the village of Ridgewood, NJ, faces traffic snarls caused by trucks making deliveries. Ridgewood is considering a dramatic crackdown: The village council has entertained — but not enacted — a ban on deliveries between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. The village also considered imposing a weight limit…To read more — login/sign up


By Hosting a Limited Number of Strategic Events, Downtown Attracts New Visitors

May 2, 2019 — For years, downtown leaders in El Paso, TX, steered clear of hosting events. Joe Gudenrath, executive director of El Paso’s Downtown Management District, figured there was no need, considering other organizations put on a full slate of festivals, fitness events and gallery tours. "Plenty of events already are happening," Gudenrath says.…To read more — login/sign up