Urban Street Stormwater Guide


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Product Description

The Urban Street Stormwater Guide begins with the idea that street design can support the urban area’s overall environmental health. By incorporating Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) into the right-of-way, cities can manage stormwater and reap the public health, environmental, and aesthetic benefits of street trees, planters, and greenery in the public realm. And with thoughtful design, GSI can bolster strategies to provide a safe and pleasant walking and biking experience, efficient and reliable transit service, and safer streets for all users.

The state-of-the-art solutions in this guide will assist urban planners and designers, transportation engineers, city officials, and others working to incorporate stormwater management techniques into the urban streetscape.

Table of Contents

  1. Streets as Ecosystems
    Green Street Principles
    Thinking of Streets as Ecosystems
    • Why Sustainable Stormwater Management Matters
    • The Role of Streets
    • Complete Streets are Green Streets
  1. Planning for Stormwater
    Developing a Sustainable Stormwater Network
    • Setting Goals for Stormwater Management
    • Regional Climate & Ecology
    • Aligning with Goals for Streets
    • Solving the Street Design Puzzle
    • Retrofitting Streets for Stormwater
    • Reconstructing Streets for Stormwater
  1. Stormwater Streets
    The Stormwater Network
    • Ultra Urban Green Street
    • Green Transitway
    • Boulevard
    • Neighborhood Main Street
    • Residential Street
    • Commercial Shared Street
    • Residential Shared Street
    • Green Alley
    • Industrial Street
    • Stormwater Greenway
    • Reclaimed Intersection
  1. Stormwater Elements
    Green Stormwater Elements
    • Bioretention Planter
    • Biofiltration Planter
    • Bioretention Swale
    • Hybrid Bioretention Planter
    • Stormwater Tree
    • Permeable Pavement


    Green Infrastructure Configurations
    • Stormwater Curb Extension
    • Stormwater Transit Stop
    • Floating Island Planter
    • Stormwater Median


    Bioretention Design Considerations
    • Bioretention Cell Sizing
    • Inflow, Outflow & Overflow
    • Inlet Design
    • Presettling Zone
    • Soil, Media & Plantings
  1. Partnerships & Performance
    Policies, Programs, & Partnerships
    • Policy
    • Collaboration & Partnerships
    • Operations & Maintenance


    Performance Measures
    • Measure Performance for Policy Goals
    • Measure Performance at Program & Project Scales
    • Performance Measures for Ecology
    • Performance Measures for Mobility
    • Performance Measures for Urban Vitality
  1. Resources
    City Policy & Guidance References

About the Author

Urban Street Stormwater Guide was prepared by a team of researchers at the National Association of City Transportation Officials with input from directors of planning, public works, transportation, and urban design from across North America.

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“The Urban Street Stormwater Guide delivers one of the most comprehensive guides on how to combine complete street design and green infrastructure stormwater management…a valuable resource to those planning and designing green street projects.”
— ASLA’s The Dirt

The [Urban Street Stormwater Guide] provides a variety of green stormwater infrastructure designs for cities to implement, from major capital projects to low-cost neighborhood intersection treatments.”
— NextCity