Ringing Downtown Cash Registers


8-1/2″ x 11″, softcover, 16 pages,
Downtown Development Center.


Product Description

 Central business districts have not been immune to the impacts of the Great Recession. While some have continued to thrive, others have suffered as shoppers and other visitors reduced spending and storefronts became empty. From this difficult period have come several important trends in promoting the downtown area that will serve leaders well in the years to come.

Overall, these trends aim to leverage community resources and marketing dollars as much as possible.

This is seen in the increasing popularity of co-op advertising, subsidized coupons, and other programs that support individual businesses as well as the downtown overall. It is seen in the appeal of events that emphasize downtown’s unique culture and community as people seek a sense of home and stability. It is seen in marketing programs, which utilize low-cost social media to replace more costly traditional marketing. And it is seen in the increased resonance of marketing programs that encourage people to shop locally.

Ringing Downtown Cash Registers explores these and other trends and provides examples of how successful downtowns are growing and prospering.

Table of Contents

  1. Local governments shift costs to organizations and event producers
  2. Compelling brands help downtowns compete
  3. Downtown wayfinding and branding become more integrated
  4. People want and expect authenticity
  5. Co-op advertising and subsidized coupon programs gain popularity
  6. Events must reinforce the mission
  7. An expanding role for partnerships
  8. Shop local programs gain traction
  9. Social media presents opportunities
  10. Volunteer management becomes more professional
  11. Changing demographics present residential and tourism opportunities

About the Author

Ringing Downtown Cash Registers was researched and written by the staff of the Downtown Development Center.


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