Priorities for Downtown Organizations


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Downtown Development Center.

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Product Description

 Priorities for Downtown Organizations provides an in-depth look at the goals and objectives of downtown organizations of all types and sizes.

Based on a survey conducted in May 2010, the report focuses on 10 core activities and considers how priorities change based on organization type, age of organization, and city size. The report also considers how priorities had shifted from 12 to 24 months earlier.

Across all organization types, four priorities consistently rise to the top. Because of their universality, the report includes an expert essay on each topic.

  • Bill Ryan, a community development specialist at the University of Wisconsin discusses a new approach to bringing retailers downtown.
  • Margaret DeWitt, the publisher of Downtown Promotion Reporter newsletter focuses on four important trends in downtown marketing.
  • N. David Milder, president of DANTH Inc. discusses strategies to increase your chances of success with a major capitol improvement project.
  • Jamie Licko, president of downtown consulting firm Centro discusses how to build consensus for a downtown vision.

The report provides a unique look at how organizations are prioritizing their work and making positive changes downtown.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Downtown organizations tackle diverse challenges
  2. Downtown priorities based on organization type
  3. Downtown priorities based on city size
  4. Downtown priorities based on age of organization
  5. Shifts in priorities over the last 12 to 24 months
  6. Making it all happen: the essays
    • Bringing innovative retailers downtown
    • Why is downtown marketing so important now?
    • Capital improvements: tackling major projects
    • The vision plan: a roadmap for downtown

About the Author

Priorities for Downtown Organizations was researched and written by the staff of the Downtown Development Center with expert essays contributed by Bill Ryan, University of Wisconsin; N. David Milder, DANTH Inc.; and Jamie Licko, Centro.


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