Niche Strategies for Downtown Revitalization


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Does your downtown have a cluster of businesses that provide specific products or services? How about furniture and home furnishings? Antiques? Children’s clothing? Arts and entertainment? Upscale boutiques? Thrift shops? Or, do you have a particular group of customers? What about college students, office workers, retirees, or parents with young children?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you have a downtown niche — one of the most powerful tools available for downtown revitalization.

These groupings of related businesses and services can give your downtown a competitive edge and provide the focus you need for successful promotion and recruitment programs.

Niche Strategies for Downtown Revitalization takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying current or potential niches in your downtown. It shows you how to use them as the focus for downtown organization, promotion and recruitment. And, it gives you the tools you need to use these powerful revitalization strategies in your downtown.

You’ll learn:

  • How to perform market analysis to discover both potential and existing niches in your downtown and to evaluate their long-term feasibility.
  • How downtowns are prospering with niche strategies, including 80 unique examples from cities across the United States.
  • Important national and regional trends that will shape niches for decades to come.
  • Successful techniques for organizing business owners and managers to get the most benefit for your downtown.
  • Proven strategies and tactics for successfully marketing downtown niches.
  • Innovative ideas for recruiting new businesses and retaining existing ones.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when identifying, organizing, and promoting niches in your downtown.
  • Strategies for using niches to turn your downtown into the destination for multipurpose trips.

You’ll learn from examples of actual data used in market analysis, sample data for trade area demographics, a wide range of district maps, plus actual promotion and recruitment materials.

Whether your downtown is large or small, you’ll find everything you need to make a niche strategy the cornerstone of your downtown revitalization efforts.

Table of Contents

1. Case Studies of Successful Niches

  • Consumer-based retail niches
    • Ethnic
    • Youth
    • Retiree
    • Tourist
    • Office worker
    • Artist and crafter
  • Niches based on goods and services
    • Home furnishings and antiques
    • Children’s wear
    • Specialty foods and restaurants
    • Arts and entertainment
    • Festival markets and entertainment centers
    • Value retailing
  • Office and high-tech niches
    • County seat functions
    • Research complexes

2. Major National and Regional Trends

  • The aging of the baby boomers
  • Affluent households
  • The baby boomlet
  • Age structure changes
  • The growth in minority/ethnic populations
  • Fewer shopping trips
  • Downtowns attract developers and retail chains
  • Structural changes in the office market
  • The small office/home office market

3. How to Find Niches and Assess Their Viability

  • Finding your downtown’s niches
  • Identifying your downtown’s trade areas
  • How to assess the viability of a niche

4. Organization, Marketing and Promotion

  • Convincing niche firms to organize
  • Niche marketing and promotional programs

5. Business Recruitment Programs

  • How to organize and operate a retail recruitment program
  • How to organize and operate an office tenant recruitment program

About the Author

N. David Milder has helped downtowns across the United States identify, organize and promote downtown niches.

Since 1977, Mr. Milder has been president of Danth, Inc., a consulting firm whose clients include the City of Charlotte, Main Street New Jersey, Grand Central Partnership in Manhattan, and The Rutland Partnership, among many others.


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