Funding Sources for Downtown Organizations


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 Now, more than ever, downtown organizations are evaluating their funding options and looking for new and better ways to raise the money needed for their on-going operations.

Funding Sources for Downtown Organizations provides an in-depth look at how organizations of all kinds are funded and points to new opportunities and approaches.

Based on a survey conducted in February 2010, the report considers:

  • Which funding sources are being used most frequently by six different types of downtown organization.
  • How much each of those sources is contributing to the organization’s overall budget.
  • Budget changes over time by organization type.

It’s the data you need to benchmark your own operations and to point the way to new or improved funding sources.

The data is supplemented by descriptive text, comments from survey participants, and a funding focus section, which looks at the funding approaches of four very different downtown organizations.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Downtown organizations remain strong
  2. Funding sources used by downtown organizations,
    summary data
  3. Where do the funds come from?
    • Funding sources for chambers of commerce
    • Funding sources for downtown associations
    • Funding sources for hybrid organizations
    • Funding sources for Main Street Programs
    • Funding sources for merchants’ associations
    • Funding sources for special assessment districts
  4. How much does each source contribute?
    • Funding source allocation for chambers of commerce
    • Funding source allocation for downtown associations
    • Funding source allocation for hybrid organizations
    • Funding source allocation for Main Street Programs
    • Funding source allocation for merchants’ associations
    • Funding source allocation for special assessment districts
  5. Budget changes and opportunities
    • Changes in overall budget, summary data
    • Changes in overall budget by organization type
  6. Conclusion: Diversifying funding is more important than ever
  7. Funding snapshots
    • Main Street Program: One hundred percent of funds come from fundraising campaign conducted every third year
    • Business Improvement District: Increasing assessments and fundraising events move BID from red to black
    • Downtown Association: Dwindling city funds force association to consider long-term sustainability
    • Main Street Program: Finding a home and thriving as an affiliate of the Chamber of Commerce

About the Author

Funding Sources for Downtown Organizations was researched and written by the staff of the Downtown Development Center.


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