Dimensions of Parking


Fifth Edition, 8″ x 10″, softcover, 204 pages,
Urban Land Institute and National Parking Association.

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 If you want to add more parking downtown, or improve the operations of your current facilities, The Dimensions of Parking will be an invaluable resource.

Each detailed section guides you through the process of developing and operating a parking facility. Key chapters focus on determining how much parking you really need, designing the most efficient layouts for lots and structures, estimating construction costs, and operating a safe and well-maintained facility.

For more than 30 years, The Dimensions of Parking has been the reference that developers, architects, engineers, planners, and others have turned to for practical how-to information on the best practices for parking development and operations.

Updated throughout, the fifth edition includes over 100 charts, tables, graphs, and photographs that highlight key points in the text and provide invaluable real-world data.

Table of Contents

  1. Parking studies
  2. Parking demand
  3. Shared parking
  4. Zoning requirements
  5. Programming and conceptual design
  6. Financial feasibility and financing
  7. Parking geometrics
  8. Functional planning and design
  9. Accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  10. The architecture of parking
  11. Structural systems
  12. Wayfinding
  13. Safety, security, and secure design
  14. Lighting
  15. Sustainable design
  16. Budgeting and financial analysis
  17. Project delivery
  18. Automated parking facilities
  19. Building codes
  20. Operations and management
  21. Parking access and revenue control
  22. MaintenanceGlossary

About the Author

The Dimensions of Parking is the product of a partnership between the Urban Land Institute and the National Parking Association (NPA). It presents the expert judgment of the NPA’s Parking Consultants Council. The Council is a special professional group, within the NPA, composed primarily of engineers and architects who produce a broad range of technical publications on the design, construction, and layout of parking facilities.


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“Fortunately, we now have a reference book that serves as an invaluable resource for judging parking plans and designs on objective, technical grounds.”
— Robert Cervero,
Professor, Dept. of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley