Destination Branding for Small Cities


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Product Description

 Branding is a powerful tool for downtown revitalization and economic development — Yet, it is often misunderstood.

Let Destination Branding for Small Cities show you how to develop and promote your downtown brand for economic growth.

This fully updated and expanded second edition, cuts through the theory, advertising-speak and branding jargon to simplify and clarify the practice of branding small cities and downtowns for improved tourism and economic development.

It guides readers through the entire process from understanding their place in the city and region, to expressing that brand in words and images, to keeping the brand fresh for years to come.

You’ll find real world examples, plus proven tools, templates and checklists to help start or re-start your branding and marketing.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The world of brands and branding
  • The challenges of branding places
  • What is being branded and why?
  • Prepare to start: Mobilize the forces
  • The seven steps to a place brand
  • Step One: Assessment — What’s your place in the world?
  • Step Two: Analysis and advantage — What will you be known for?
  • Step Three: Architecture and alignment — What is your relationship with city, state, regional, and other brands?
  • Step Four: Articulate — How will the brand be expressed?
  • Step Five: Activation — How will the brand come to life?
  • Step Six: Adoption — How do you maximize the support of stakeholders?
  • Step Seven: Action and afterward — How do you keep the brand fresh?
  • Glossary of terms

About the Author

Bill Baker is president of Total Destination Marketing, an internationally recognized place branding and tourism development group. He is recognized for creating successful brand strategies for places of all sizes throughout the world.


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“It demystifies what branding is about and then provides you with all the ammunition you need to successfully brand your city or town — no matter how big or small!.”
— Roger Brooks,
Consultant, Roger Brooks International

“Written as a workbook for newcomers, it serves equally well as a resource for veterans. Ultimately, this book will guide you to giving your brand “life” by delivering on your destination promise.”
— Brian Harney,
Director of Marketing, Washington County Visitors Association

“This is an outstanding book, for large and small cities. It’s also an excellent tool for a county or region. Baker’s roadmap empowers a place of any size to distill its distinctive and genuine personality into a useful brand. I only wish I had this tool 40 years ago.”
— Reyn Bowman,
President Emeritus, Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau

“…an absolute necessity for small cities looking to brand their destinations. It should be given to all stakeholders prior to beginning any branding program to avoid the challenges many of us have faced along the way to a compelling brand.”
— Melyssa Laughlin,
President, Vacaville Convention & Visitors Bureau