Business Improvement Districts: Financing Downtown Growth


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Downtown Development Center.

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Product Description

Increased demands and lack of funds can limit the effectiveness of the downtown organization and force the staff into a perpetual state of fund-raising. More and more downtown areas are looking to Business Improvement Districts as a source of relief.

Business Improvement Districts provide multi-year funding through an assessment on properties within the district, which ensures a predictable revenue stream. Thus, BIDs can relieve persistent and common financial problems as well as provide a source of new energy and funding for implementing downtown plans.

With these thoughts in mind, the editorial team at the Downtown Development Center sought to document best practices in setting up and operating a Business Improvement District.

A useful primer for anyone considering, or reconsidering, a Business Improvement District, the report provides:

  • A clear definition of the Business Improvement District
  • Examples of the services most-frequently provided by BIDs
  • A review of research on the benefits of BIDs
  • An eight step process for district formation

Table of Contents

  1. Tight budgets fuel search for new revenue sources
  2. What is a BID?
  3. Services provided by BIDs
  4. Benefits of BIDs
  5. Steps to BID formation
    • Understand your state‚Äôs regulations
    • Determine if a BID will work in your downtown
    • Form a steering committee
    • Develop a vision for the district
    • Define the boundaries of the district
    • Create a database of property owners and commercial tenants
    • Create a district improvement plan
    • Navigate the approval process
  6. References/Further reading

About the Author

Business Improvement Districts: Financing Downtown Growth was researched and written by the staff of the Downtown Development Center.


Read Tight budgets fuel search for new revenue sources


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